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Phill Midwinter is raising $1,000 for Sparks
Some of you who know me, will know that I was fortunate to have a little girl for about five months - almost 9 years ago now. She very sadly passed away due to complications from a hole in her heart, a lung condition due to premature birth, and repeated infection. She was also born with Down's Syndrome and her development was far slower than those around her. I feel that the research that Sparks funds is yielding results that will save so many others like her and prove immeasurably valuable to countless lives. When By the time I get my wetsuit on (23rd August 2014) I'll have been training for the event for over a year and I'm not content just to get in there and finish but will be looking to really finish well up in the top few percent of finishers on the day. For me, if you're going to donate, then I'm going to put myself to work for that donation in appreciation. Training I'll keep you posted on how the training is going as often as I can. Feel free to check out some of the runs and swims I'm doing on my Garmin profile - I try to put as much online as I can though it doesn't all end up there. (http://connect.garmin.com/profile/phillmidwinter) Most of all, please do give what you can and if you can't; then sharing this page to your friends and family is really just as good and hugely appreciated.


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