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Welcome to my Givey page

I'm cycling across the country with my good friend Paddy to raise money for Campaign against Climate Change.

The tour will mark the ten year anniversary of Paddy and I cycling across the south of Spain in extreme conditions in the August of 2012. That was dubbed the "Robson & Jerome" tour of Spain. I think we were so delirious in the heat we thought it would be a good idea to call ourselves Robson & Jerome, wear t-shirts saying so and sing along the way!

With bodies 10 years older we've taken the sensible step to do it in the north of England this time and to raise money for charity as we go!

We will be cycling from Maryport (west of Carlisle) on the west coast, loosely following the Hadrian's Wall route to Tynemouth (East of Newcastle) on the east coast over 3 days.

I want to highlight the fact that climate change is a humanitarian issue. For many people it's too much of a 'woolly' issue, too abstract to connect with and that "saving the environment" is a luxury issue.

I hope to help make the connect between climate breakdown and our own plight. Our own children and grandchildren will be directly and severely affected by inaction on climate change. Not just directly by changes to the climatic conditions on our doorstep but even moreso by issues that will arise from wars that will inevitably break out as millions of people living in more extreme conditions to our own will need to migrate and be rehomed.

Fighting against climate change is an imperative if we're to hope for any kind of bright future for our children. I am going to raise money for the campaign group Campaign against Climate Change.

Campaign against Climate Change was the first campaign group set up in the UK specifically to campaign for climate action. Over 20 years later, the climate crisis is even more urgent and their determination just as great. They believe in the power of street protests, big and small, in working in coalitions as part of a bigger movement and in making the links between climate change and other social justice issues.

Campaign against Climate Change want to empower ordinary people to take action in their workplaces, have conversations and change minds. For example, their trade union group campaigns on the potential for climate jobs in transport, energy, buildings, food, education and more to tackle the climate crisis and build a fairer society.

Campaign against Climate Change are a small organisation (just one part-time paid member of staff) and rely on funding from our supporters to keep campaigning.

Please do sponsor in any way you can as I embark on the 10 year anniversary bike tour, across England.