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The idea for Scotia Medical Group came about by a group of friends and colleagues who share a common goal of wanting to save lives. This group of individuals brought together the idea of providing free first aid training to people within community level groups.

Following a major medical provider withdrawing from the area, a second opportunity presented where there was a gap in the market for trained and equipped first aiders to be deployed to events. Due to a mutual connection, there is a team of volunteers who have demonstrated commitment, passion and enthusiasm to support the formation of Scotia Medical Group.

Scotia Medical Group has been set up with a primary focus on saving lives through free first aid training to community groups. This will provide a network of trained people whom have the confidence, training and skills to save someone’s life.

We will be able to provide assistance which will benefit communities at times of emergencies where our assets could be used to promote the saving and preservation of life. This will be in partnership with other organisations and statutory agencies.


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