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Almost one in four islanders in Vancouver is over 65, and that number is increasing. That adds further pressure to provide high-quality, senior-focused healthcare for our hospitals. We are trying to get online fundraising for our Seniors Health Campaign, we invite you to demonstrate your support. We will help to provide compassionate and supportive elderly treatment by raising funds for this important area of care. Your donations will help to support priority services and initiatives targeted at this fast-growing community. Over 18,000 senior patients are served annually by the Royal Jubilee and Victoria General hospitals. Our focus is on the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of complex, multi-system disorders that are common to seniors and rare degenerative conditions. In order to treat and care for our elderly patients, our talented team of professionals, including geriatric doctors, psychologists, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, social workers and more, work in harmony. Our older patients respect their autonomy. They benefit from a well-thought-out facility in which they can continue to live a meaningful life, acting on their own rehabilitation with easily accessible assistance when needed. Your fundraiser offers the opportunity to celebrate the teams working to advocate for outstanding wellbeing for seniors and empowers them to take care of the elderly to the best of their ability. Through your gifts, we will invest in facilities that sustain our teams while they work to provide patients with the best possible treatment today and in years to come. Thank you very much for your donations and support on behalf of the Senior Health Teams. Both of us are genuinely thankful. Here you can get more information about Online Fundraising


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