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Sophia Emmett-Spanton is raising £500 for Hope for HH UK
"Hypothalamic Hamartoma (HH) is a benign tumor-like malformation that causes a syndrome characterized by: 1) treatment-resistant epilepsy, beginning with gelastic (laughing) seizures, but later including other seizure types, 2) developmental and cognitive deficits, 3) behavioral problems, including rage attacks, and 4) endocrine disturbance, most commonly central precocious (early) puberty." I will be cutting my long blonde hair to shoulder length, hoping to raise as much money as possible for the Hope for HH charity. The charity raises awareness of a condition known as Hypothalamic Hamartoma as well as providing support for parents of children affected by it. Ethan is a little boy who is battling with this condition. Since he was born he has always been so important and precious to me. This three year old little boy is so so strong, I would give anything to make him better and I know there are other children out there in need of help, so hopefully I can raise a bit of cash to help this worthwhile charity in it's efforts to assist those affected.


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The charity is set up and run by parents of children with this condition and an adult sufferer of the condition. Our aims as a charity a...