raised of £400 target from 6 people

Heather Evans is raising £400 for Keep Calm and Start Talking
This amount is to cover the essential costs of running a free mental health awareness event. This is to cover publicity costs; volunteers expenses; and the costs of running all the hands on activities that will be available on 21st May 2016 at Fairfield Shipyard Offices, 1046-1048 Govan Road, Glasgow. Currently all these costs are coming from me, because I honestly believe in this event and what it can achieve. I want to start this conversation and give everyone the opportunity to learn essential coping skills and so this is what I will do. I refuse to charge entrance fees because I do not want to restrict who can attend. But I have also received a few generous messages from people willing to donate towards these costs. To this end, I have made the decision to set up a sponsorship page. Please donate and start a conversation today..


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Fundraising for

Free mental health awareness event on 21st May 2016 @ Rookie Oven, Fairfield Shipyard Offices, Govan, Glasgow. All funds will go towards ...