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Funds needed urgently to help local relief efforts

As the deadly second wave spreads across India, families living in slums, who aren't being allowed to work, are the last receive help. KISES India needs urgent funds to help provide basic provisions and support to these people living on the margins.

Shoury from KISES India is in contact with five different slum locations, and plans to provide sustained relief to 400 people, made up of individuals who have come to Vijayawada from remote locations looking for work, with at least 150 children.

The adults in the slums can no longer rely on the local black labour market, as they are further ostracised and even blamed for the spread of the disease. Their income has stopped because they are no longer able to get work in houses or shops. As they are migrants from other towns, they don’t have government ration cards and other identity cards and they are not eligible for government help.

They are hungry, and without support they will starve.

KISES India will provide dry and cooked food along with fresh water, sanitiser, masks, clothes and blankets.

With their past experience of sanitation projects, Shoury and his team of volunteers will also raise awareness of handwashing, mask wearing and other ways they might protect themselves. He will also work to obtain and administer vaccines.

[Note: Due to site limitations, this appeal page still shows a balance of £841 that was raised on GIVEY in 2015 & 2016 for general relief, thanks to the support from 24 donors at that time.]


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