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Malaysian Link Trip 2020, £6000 needed for 10 youth/leaders

The PCC of St Peter's are currently supporting the fundraising for Malaysian Link Trip for 10 youth/leaders of the Risen youth group at the church, which is the main purpose of setting up this fundraising page and unless specified otherwise, your donations on this page will go towards this trip.

In the final two weeks of August 2020, 10 youth/leaders will be visiting Kluang, Malaysia.

During the trip we will be working alongside the local English speaking churches to serve their local communities with whatever needs they have at the time, and to meet with their youth group as a cultural exchange.

We are hoping to work with Christian workers at Cross Community Kluang where they aim to reach out to the poor and disadvantaged in the local community by providing basic education and food assistance. One of the projects of Cross Community Kluang is the ROCK House (Redeeming Our Communities Kids House) for kindergarten aged children all the way to 18 years old, who have had a history of interruptions to their basic education and the ROCK House offers them free tutoring, a chance to study at their own level, catch up and improve their future outcomes, and there are also fun activities that are put on for them too. We also would like to work with Christian workers at Seri Jubli International School who began as a small homeschool and have since grown into a large facility to educate both primary and secondary aged pupils yet their aim remains the same which is "to provide a holistic educational experience that will enable our students to meet their full potential".

The youth/leaders on the trip will also be experiencing the local culture such as through an experience trip, the regular sports activities that the youth group do and dinner at local's homes and visiting famous local restaurants, some of which are run by family members of the leader of Cross Community Kluang who is one of our key links who personally invited our youth/leaders to come and will certainly give us a food tour!

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