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Supporting Families through their Cancer Journey

The charity has been providing quality support to families with children who suffer from Cancer or Leukaemia since our founding in 1994.

The diagnosis of Cancer or Leukaemia in a child causes tremendous stress for families who struggle physically, practically, emotionally, and financially with the intensive, intrusive treatment regime and the inevitable disruption it brings to family life.

More often than not, one parent may have to give up work to care for the child in hospital - at a time when they are faced with significant extra expenditure. This is where TCCL aims to help with

Psychosocial Support

Travel Support

Holiday Support

We offer financial support in terms of travel grants to get parents to and from treatment if their child is in hospital away from home. We provide grants to families who need support to make family life easier. We've provided everything from a new washing machine, to heating grants to keep children warm during the winter months, to driving lessons for a Mum to help her get to the hospital.

We can now offer much needed holidays in our new TCCL Lodge located in St Andrews.

Whatever families need, we aim to support them.


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