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The Fatherhood Institute




Building a society that supports men as hands-on fathers

Help us build a society that values and systematically supports men as involved fathers and caregivers. We need your support to fund our work improving health, education and social care practitioners' understanding of fathers’ impact; persuading commissioners (such as local and NHS authorities) to design, deliver and evaluate father-inclusive resources, services and interventions; and lobbying the government to develop father-inclusive policies, like parental leave for dads.

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Fund a training course - $1,000.00

With £1,000 we could provide Fatherhood Champions training to a practitioner who doesn't have funding to attend one of our courses

Keep our website updated - $100.00

£100 could fund us to build and update our website content for fathers once a month, helping them find the support they need

Support a new dad - $10.00

With just £10 we could respond to a dad's email or phone call, and send him a copy of our Becoming Dad guide