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3rd Weston super Mare Scout Group was founded back in February 1914. We have been active in the local community for 108 years by providing young people an opportunity to actively engage, and support them, in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society. 3rd Weston super Mare Scout Group welcomes members from all Walks of life, regardless of their Gender, sexual orientation, Race, Religion or political views.

The building was formerly a cow shed prior to 1932, when it was acquired and held in trust since, for the "general purposes of 3rd (St Paul's) Weston-super-Mare Scout Group". The building has grown over the years with the necessary consents obtained and is now a substantial and versatile facility. The Scout Headquarters is affectionately known as The Gilcraft Den ('The Den') by its members and has been the home of 3rd Weston super Mare Scout Group Since.

The Den has served the Scout Group very well over the last 90 years and as a result the Scout Group has remained a strong and vibrant organisation. The non Scouting users have also grown over this period with a heightened rise in use over the past decade (prior to covid restrictions). However, it is becoming apparent the fabric of the building is becoming unfit for purpose, and certainly not environmentally efficient. Our main concern is the viability of the roof which is made from a corrugated sheet construction, which contains asbestos (chrysotile) and there is next to no insulation. Now showing a considerable number of leaks, the water ingress into the walls is causing damage both to the structure and cosmetic elements. Naturally the building and repair trade are reluctant to attempt any further repairs as these are now seen as not cost effective. Our project entails the replacement of the entire roof replacing it with a composite sheet system incorporating a thermal barrier and skylights for natural light to enter the main hall. In addition we would like to replace the remaining single glazed windows for double glazed units for the benefit of noise and heat retention. A general upgrading of lighting to LED and PIR systems for greater electrical efficiency. Some minor general building work to eliminate other sources of damp ingress. Making good and general decorating both internal and external will be required once the Den returns to a watertight structure. On the east border of the plot is a rhyne, unfortunately history shows that this border is the most vulnerable for access to the building and plot for nefarious activities and we wish to secure this boundary, some 15 metres in length with a fence fit for purpose. Once the proposed project is completed the benefit will be appreciated by the current regular community-based groups, along with the young members, both boys and girls of the Scout Group across all sections.

With a regenerated Den, which occupies a commanding position in the locality, the trustees and executive committee fervently believe that the property will become a magnet to youngsters who want to embark on a Scouting experience along with more local community groups, who need a place to meet to engage in activities, interests and offer the support that helps to bind the community together through social inclusion.


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