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www.thelonggolfwalk.co.uk A Swing in Priorities: From Volunteering to Fairways Twelve months ago, our indefatigable volunteer decided it was time to reclaim a slice of life for himself. The endless hours of service had etched lines of purpose on his face, but now, he sought a new adventure. And so, he picked up a golf club—a humble instrument that would soon become a bridge between fairways and fundraising. Driving for a Cause: Golfing with Purpose As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the greens, our golfer pondered. How could their erratic swings and misjudged putts make a difference? The answer lay in the very challenges he faced on the course. Just as a wayward drive could be corrected, so too could misconceptions about mental health and neurodiversity. Teeing Off at Dawn: The Marathon of Compassion And so, the plan was hatched—a dawn-to-dusk golf marathon. Starting at Monmouth Golf Club, to play 18 holes, their golf bag slung over his shoulder like a badge of honor. Then, with determination, time walk the winding path to South Herefordshire Golf Club. Another 18 holes awaited , a testament to resilience and purpose. This meant that a distance of 26 and maybe more miles would be covered.


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The CLD Trust was established in 1994 to provide counselling to children and young people in Herefordshire. The need for mental heal...


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