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Challenging mental illness!
In 2021, The Spearhead Foundation provided 7,251 hours worth of counselling. It provided Men with a safe space to go every single week in the form of a coffee club. It provided veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars a place to meet and come together to reminisce and remember weekly. A place where emergency service workers can grab a brew, a chat and a laugh. The Foundation if worked out in cups of coffee provided over 18,000 cups of coffee to men and women across the north west who needed a break, who needed time with like minded people and needed to be in a space where mental wellness is understood and that was with us. In 2022, as we hit four years old the foundation again will set up to promote good mental wellness. It will continue to provide sanction to emergency services, military personnel and veterans. It will continue its weekly activities into motorsports whether that be karting or the race team we are building. Whether that be the weekly burger evening or coffee club. One thing we are sure on is we will expand, we will help more people and by the end of January we will have both Men and Women coffee clubs across the North West. A place where each and everyone can come together, be around friends and in a safe space with our own recovery centre opening summer 2022 it is set to be a very exciting year and something you don't want to miss or help with and that is what you can do by donating to our #SpearheadMentalHealth campaign.

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