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Linking communities to the stars

Please help us raise £700 to restore Wirksworth's StarDisc.

StarDisc is a 21st century celestial amphitheatre created by artist Aidan Shingler, forming a multi-functional educational and entertainment arena, star gazing platform and highly valued community asset. The first StarDisc, funded by Arts Council England, National Lottery, local organisations and supporters, was unveiled in 2011 and is located on a hilltop above the town of Wirksworth in the Derbyshire Dales.

Spanning 40ft and comprised of 205 stone sections embedded in the landscape, the black granite star chart mirrors the northern hemisphere's night sky. Carved into the surface of the stone circle are the constellations, their names and a depiction of the Milky Way. Contrasting with the star chart is a perimeter of silver granite on which 12 polished stone seats are positioned. At night low emission solar powered lights installed in the seating shine across the StarDisc.

In partnership with local electronics engineer Morgan Barke, twelve new lighting scenes were recently developed and installed. The nine year old solar batteries that power the lights are however, no longer operational and need to be replaced, rendering the beautiful lighting effects dormant.

At a time when churches, synagogues and temples have had to close their doors, StarDisc (a temple without walls) has remained open, bringing solace and hope to religious and none religious visitors alike.

Please help us restore StarDisc to it’s full glory and bring light and joy into peoples lives during the dark winter months and beyond.

Your donation will help us reach the £700 target required to replace and upgrade the solar batteries and enable StarDisc to be illuminated once more.

Wirksworth's StarDisc provides many benefits for the town:

■ Supports and facilitates the arts, entertains and enthralls audiences, by staging inspiring performances, events and activities

■ Enriches the cultural and creative life of the community by inviting and encouraging participation and engagement

■ Enlivens local heritage by creating a regional landmark and promoting the locality.  

■ Supports traders and the local economy by stimulating tourism and attracting visitors  

■ Fosters community cohesion by providing a meeting place and venue for community celebrations

■ Promotes emotional and spiritual well-being with a peaceful space for relaxation, quiet reflection and contemplation  

■ Provides an exciting education facility for all ages that sparks curiosity, stimulates learning and ignites the imagination  

■ Enables local people to take ownership of, and pride in, a valued community asset, inclusive civic resource and visionary public space  

StarDisc brings the community together through a broad range of themes:

■ Art & Creativity

■ Science & Astronomy

■ Faith  & Spirituality

■ Education & Informal learning

■ Entertainment & Performance

■ Enterprise & Employment

■ Health & Wellbeing

■ Recreation & Leisure

■ Celebration & Ceremony

■ People & Place


 ■ Champion the unification of Art, Science and Spirituality

■ Celebrate diversity, common humanity and shared cultural heritage

​■ Cherish our home planet, the gift of life and our place amongst the stars


■ Further knowledge and understanding of the Arts and Astronomy

■ Generate opportunities to stage inspiring community activities utilising StarDisc as a celestial amphitheatre

■ Help establish awe-inspiring recreational community spaces that foster collective cohesion and well-being

■ Transfer StarDisc’s themes and community benefits to new locations

■ Promote StarDisc as a truly universally inclusive space


■ Develop and provide StarDisc educational resources

■ Devise activities which encourage learning and enjoyment of the arts and astronomy

■ Enable engagement in creative community activities, performances and events

■ Assist with the upkeep of StarDisc in partnership with The Stoney Wood Group

■ Support the creation of the proposed StarDisc Array - a UK wide earthbound constellation of StarDiscs intended to enrich the nation’s heritage and leave an enduring cultural legacy for future generations

■ Uphold StarDisc as a torch bearer for the unification of art, science and spirituality

​THE STARDISC TRUST CIO: Charitable Incorporated Organisation Registered charity no.1160015


■ Louise Trevatt - Secretary

■ Steve Wood - Treasurer

■ Anna Clyne - Fundraiser

■ Aidan Shingler - StarDisc Creator


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