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The Working Party Theatre Company


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WE MAKE creative acts that change things for the communities we work in.

Over 10 projects so far, we have:

- recruited and worked with 579 'activists' aged 13-90 - provided structured skills training for 17 'activists' - worked with 60 school children as part of the curriculum as well as delivering 35 Arts Awards - employed 68 'activist' professional artists - employed 9 local people in entry level or first opportunities

WE BELIEVE that society has some big questions that need exploring. And the only way to tackle those questions is by coming together, as a group, as a community, as a collective. Tear apart the issues and rebuild something better together so we can all share in the benefit.

WE BELIEVE that theatre really can bring people together. And once together, the collective act of creation can influence and affect the world in positive and meaningful ways.

WE BELIEVE that in order to truly make positive change in society it requires a collective effort. That groups of people need to band together to have their voices heard; to be visible; to impact the world. It needs time, discussion, thought and action. A sort of working party, if you like. 

WE BELIEVE that theatre has the power to make positive change. That might be a small change in one of our activists (thats what we call the people who take part in our projects) as a result of taking part in one of our participatory projects. It might be because an audience member has experienced something in one of our productions that makes them view the world differently. It might be that they change their outlook on society. It might be about feeling more connected to the place where they live. Or maybe from the people they meet. 

Whichever it is we make projects that support these changes to happen.


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