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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

A Tri-Nation Tinyhorse Trotathon Trail Marathon Run - choose your champion and support Mountain Rescue!
A tenacious team of three tinyhorses will be now competing in their own Tri-Nation Trotathon to complete three marathons in support of Mountain Rescue! 馃惔馃惔馃惔 Last year more than 2000 people in need were helped by Mountain Rescue volunteers and in 2020 they have continued to show their selfless commitment to helping others, assisting walkers and climbers, providing crucial support during flood crises, searching for vulnerable people missing from home and supporting the police and ambulance service. And they do all this while having regular jobs and family lives to juggle! During lockdown teams have been supporting their local communities and many team members are key workers. As lockdown eases and we all tentatively enjoy getting back in the outdoors the teams have been busy responding to emergencies once again and with the added complications of using Covid safe procedures and PPE. Calder Valley Search & Rescue Team (CVSRT) is a 100% volunteer charity providing essential, life-saving emergency service to the Calder Valley and beyond, covering the mid Pennines and part of the Pennine Way. The team is staffed entirely by over 50 volunteers with 4 operational Search Dogs currently on the team and they are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to locate, treat and recover those injured, missing or lost. Assisting other emergency services they are also called upon in adverse weather events such as floods, moorland fires and winter storms and increasingly to conduct searches for vulnerable missing people in urban areas, towns and cities of the West Yorkshire region. Mountain Rescue Teams rely on donations and many avenues of fundraising completely dried up during months of lockdown as donation boxes sat empty in pubs, shops and cafes that were closed and fundraising events were cancelled. The three tinyhorses - #GoAngus, #GoPageBoy and #GoTitan will each represent a country and Mountain Rescue organisation and you can follow their progress on a leader board 馃馃馃 and root for your favourite as they trot up the miles, and compete 'just for fun' on distance, time, and amount raised. Tinyhorse PageBoy (codename: Camelface) is Angus' running buddy but has an all together different character. PageBoy, representing England, will be supporting his local MR team, Calder Valley Search & Rescue Team, a large section of their area he has expansive views of from the lofty heights of his stable on the hill. PageBoy is generally super chill and a keen 'middle of the pack' social runner. He doesn't care too much for speed, just enjoying being out on the trails and paces along with his head held high. Running with PageBoy gives you a steady and consistent tempo or easy run and given he doesn't waste any time larking about he can often come in ahead of speed-demon Angus, though he does easily succumb to the temptations of chowing down at 'aid stations' and sometimes struggles to pass by any tasty clump of vegetation馃槆 Thank you very very much if you can help with a donation at this time. We were often reminded during lockdown that as this time passes 'the mountains will still be there' and so, with everyone's support, will be our phenomenal Mountain Rescue Teams.馃憤馃槉 Thank you for visiting our Givey page. When you make your donation through Givey, the Charity receives 100% of the donation. Your details are safe with Givey and donating is completely secure. Whatsmore, they never share your email address with any third parties except the Charity you donate to.


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Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team (CVSRT) is a 100% voluntary not-for-profit organisation, that operates within Mountain Rescue (Engla...