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Making Moves for Powerchair Mobility

Turbo Trust gives grants to people with disabilities to pay for customised powerchairs which give each individual the greatest possible independent access to their environment and allow them to take as active a part in life as possible and make all their own choices.

For those with long-term serious conditions seating need to be customised and adapted regularly to avoid pain and other ongoing health issues. We give grants for this and the ongoing servicing, maintenance and technical support of this kind of mobility equipment so that it can go on working for as long and as effectively as possible. These are chairs that are usually beyond the budget of the NHS.

The Turbo Trust believes in inependent mobility from the earliest possible age. We know that any delay for a child in learning to move and explore their environment is detrimental to social, emotional and educational development, so we are passionate about giving good mobility to toddlers for whom every week is vital. We also realise that staying active into adulthood should be a right not a luxury so we have no upper age limit either.


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