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Fundraising for PPE for healthcare services in Malawi

Nkhamenya community hospital is in a small town in central Malawi and serves 26,000 people. Every month they treat 5,000 outpatients and 800 inpatients, including some with COVID 19. Despite this, the hospital has now run out completely of PPE to protect staff or patients.

Here in the UK we are lucky to have access to PPE in our hospitals, but it is impossible to keep communities safe in Malawi when these are not available. The community hospital has little support from government funding and depends on daily collections from patients to deliver care.

In January, Malawi’s president declared a state of emergency, following a spike in Covid-19 infections. Lack of resources including PPE and limited healthcare facilities have made the situation worse.

We are raising money to buy PPE to protect staff and patients at the Nkhamenya community hospital. By donating, you can help save lives and stop the spread of COVID in Malawi.

We are aiming to raise at least £1450, which is enough to supply the whole hospital with PPE for a month.

All donations toward this are welcomed, no matter how small. Here are some examples of how your donation can help:

● £7.50 will buy a box of disposable aprons for staff.

● £12 will provide enough PPE to protect one hospital staff member and their patients for a month.

● £20 will buy a weeks’ worth of disposable face masks.

● £45 buys enough PPE to protect the entire hospital staff and patients for a day.

Please give generously.

This fundraising is being done by friends and colleagues at Lancaster University, The Umoza Trust and Angels International (two UK based charities who do project work in Malawi). By linking with these charities, we can assure you that funds will be sent securely to Nkhamenya Community Hospital, for the purpose of PPE only.

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