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Vale of Glamorgan Festival brings the best of contemporary and new classical music from living composers to adventurous audiences from across Wales and internationally. Founded by Welsh composer John Metcalf in 1969, Vale of Glamorgan Festival has been passionately curating and presenting the best in contemporary classical music year after year. We want to share the joy of listening and discovery with audiences who long to experience the new and progressive, and we work with international composers that are pushing the boundaries to commission new music which reflects the classical music culture of today and tomorrow.

“This wonderful festival has championed an enormous range of composers over the last fifty years, and I am very fortunate to have been one of them. It has cultivated a sympathetic and adventurous audience for new music in Wales, for which, as a composer, I am deeply grateful.” Huw Watkins, Welsh Composer

Vale of Glamorgan Festival has grown in the last 50 years to become one of the classical music world’s most pioneering and unique contemporary festivals. Artistic Director John Metcalf is a leading Welsh/Canadian composer producing works in many major musical forms, who has been dedicated to curating and commissioning the highest quality contemporary classical performances throughout the festival’s history. The festival regularly commissions new works, aiming to help shape rather than simply reflect the artistic landscape of today. Support from individuals remains as vital as ever at this time of economic uncertainty when funders find themselves with reduced resources and are often more reticent to fund the unusual and untraditional. Every single penny and pound raised in support of the festival is very much needed and welcome. Thank you for your support!


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