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WaterHarvest - Making Every Drop Count

During the last 35 years, WaterHarvest has directly supported over two million people, worked in 2,021 villages, and built structures to harvest 1.3 billion litres of rainwater annually. However, our work is far from done. Roughly 2.5 billion people – live in the drylands of the world, of which 400 million people are estimated to be living on less than $1.25 a day, most of whom have no access to clean water. As we know, clean water changes lives: girls go to school, women are freed from the anxiety of finding drinking water for their families, the health of the family improves and more money is available for daily living when families are not paying for water.

WaterHarvest works with the most disadvantaged people in the most desolate areas to provide a sustainable water source that truly makes every drop count!

£4 donation enables a family to have water at home for a month. However, the actual impact is even greater than this. We only build rainwater harvesting structures for the most vulnerable families in a community but our programme focuses on the whole community. We do sanitation training for everyone in the village and we will also encourage others in the village to copy our design and build rainwater harvesting structures for themselves. As a result, our work lifts the entire community, not just the most vulnerable families.

Listen below to The Givey Community Podcast with the Chair of Water Harvest, Neil Mehta.


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Donation - £50.00

£50 provides all the vulnerable families in a hamlet with clean water at home for a month.

Donation - £10.00

£10 provides three families of six with clean water for a month.

Donation - £4.00

£4 provides a family of six with clean water at home for a month