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Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

We've had to stop all our session delivery in local parks, schools, youth clubs and other outdoor spaces.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re instead using our skills and resources to continue to support families to access cycling safely, and help those most in need.

In the first week of the lockdown, we:
- delivered 5 balance bikes to people’s homes
- coordinated 2 large food deliveries from the Felix Project to residents in Broadwater Farm Estate
- completed 4 doorstep bike repairs, including for 3 Key Workers
- provided remote guidance and advice to 11 families.

Please donate so we can facilitate community development through cycling activities now and into the future and keep our sessional workers employed through this difficult time..

Spring 2020 marks five years of Wheely Tots supporting families and young people in Haringey and North Hackney to be healthy, confident and more resilient.

Since 2015, we’ve delivered over 2,000 hours of balance bike sessions and reached over 1,000 families. We’ve engaged with 96 young people over the first year of our youth-led initiative, Your Bike Project. We’ve created 5 part-time jobs and trained 5 local people as cycling instructors.

With your help at this difficult time we’re still optimistic by what we can achieve in the next five years.


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A bike for a Key Worker - £200.00

We will deliver a fully serviced 2nd hand bike for a Key Worker to ride to work instead of using public transport.

Bike service and parts for a Key Worker - £100.00

A full bike service plus £50 of parts for a Key Worker so their bike is roadworthy for travel to work rather than taking public transport.

Bike service for a Key Worker - £50.00

A basic bike service for a Key Worker so their bike is roadworthy for travel to work rather than taking public transport.