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Supporting Whistle-blowers Everywhere
WhistleblowersUK (WBUK) is an organisation formed by British whistle-blowers and their supporters, in order to offer advice and assistance to other whistle-blowers, and those who might be thinking of 'blowing the whistle'. It is strictly a not-for-profit organisation and is not affiliated to any media group, nor government department. Blowing the whistle is often not something that anybody will have planned; they will have fallen into the position of revealing what they have discovered, probably quite unexpectedly, and they will either currently be worrying about the effects of what they are about to do - or undergoing the immense stress of what they have just done in disclosing their observations. WhistleblowersUK aims to offer them support and assistance in coping with the extreme pressures and isolation in which they inadvertently find themselves.

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