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The Whistleblowing International Network (WIN) is an international charity based in Scotland. Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of civil society to protect public interest whistleblowers worldwide. As a practitioners' network sharing expertise and information, WIN enhances the capacity of our participating organisations to deliver the quality work they do and helps to raise their profile and the profile of public interest whistleblowing internationally.

Many of our organisations work with whistleblowers day in and day out - they are the heart and the backbone of our network and of the wider whistleblower protection community. These organisations navigate the legal and institutional frameworks in their countries with their whistleblower-clients, helping them advance their disclosures and minimise the risks to their professional and personal well-being where possible.

As a part of an international network, our community of whistleblower protection organisations fights together for the right to freedom of expression, association and assembly; researches key issues, advocates for policy change and campaigns on whistleblower cases and rights. Our organisations understand that protecting whistleblowers is essential to the public's right to know and access to information.

WIN is committed to helping our participating organisations turn legal rights into active protection for whistleblowers nationally and across borders. By supporting us, you are supporting our global network as they undertake this vital work to ensure that whistleblowing disclosures achieve lasting change in the public interest.


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