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The Whistleblowing International Network (WIN) is a global non-profit, membership network of the world’s leading experts on whistleblowing!

We work to strengthen the legal, technical, and strategic skills of civil society around the world to support whistleblowers in the public interest.

We educate by:

• highlighting and promoting the work of NGOs worldwide

• advancing the quality of resources available

• developing legal and technical tools and resources

We empower by:

• creating a central hub for information and advice on whistleblowing issues

• facilitating expert exchange and learning opportunities

• supporting new initiatives and start-ups

We mobilise by:

• forming broad coalitions on law reform, cases and special initiatives

• engaging with law and policy makers

• developing global policy positions

WIN has over 32 members and associates who work with whistleblowers day in and day out - they are the heart and the backbone of our network and of the wider whistleblower protection community.  

WIN is committed to helping civil society turn legal rights into active protection for whistleblowers nationally and across borders. By supporting us, you are supporting a growing global movement to ensure that whistleblowing disclosures achieve lasting change in the public interest.

Our Projects:

EU Whistleblowing Monitor

We created the EU Whistleblowing Monitor to track and monitor the transposition of the EU Directive on whistleblowing across all 27 EU Member States.

Whistleblowing Now and Then Podcast

Whistleblowing Now and Then,  explores important issues of the day for whistleblowing and features interviews with experts, advocates and whistleblowers from around the world.

Tech Worker Handbook

The Tech Worker Handbook website was launched to provide media, security and legal resources for tech workers. It was launched by Ifeoma Ozoma who wanted to ensure tech workers are prepared if they choose to speak out in the public interest.

WIN contributed stories from tech whistleblowers as part of its wider Whistleblowers’ Corner project.  Check former Apple and Kickstarter whistleblowers, Thomas le Bonniec and Clarissa Redwine . By telling their stories in their own way, they explain what it was like and what they wished they had known earlier in order to be better prepared.   


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