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Thank you to Lyn, John, Kate, Chris, Sally R and Sally T for joining me in our July "Win-Win-Win Charity Challenge for Manacare. It's particularly appropriate to those of us who have let things go a bit in "lockdown"! It's good for you; It doesn't cost anything; You don't have to ask anyone for money; and it's guaranteed to help the lives of children in Sri Lanka! That's Win-Win-Win-Win! All we have to do is give up buying something that we know does us harm (for me it's alcohol, crisps, confectionary & biscuits!) and donate the money we would have spent on these items to Manacare at the end of the month (or as we go along). Don't worry if it's just a few chocolate bars. A vital physio session for a disabled child for instance costs under £3 and as I work closely with the wonderful Joy Butler Markham who runs this charity I can personally guarantee that all donations will be spent directly on care for the children and families. Like many charities, Manacare is struggling through these times to do more and more with less and less. Donations are through Givey, so they will also be elligable for Gift Aid.


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Manacare Foundation is a charity founded in 1994 by Joy Markham and has centres supporting children and families in countries around the ...