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Jeremy Troughton is raising $1,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust
As you may well know, I have done no exercise for about 7 years..just over 2 months ago, I was persuaded to sign up for a bike ride from Hayling to Paris and back. Between 60 and 90 miles (100-140km) a day for a week..for someone who, 2 months ago, was out of breath cycling to the local shops. Starting weight 115 kgs. 2 months would have been ok for training, but I had an event to organise in the middle of it all - something that historically has seen weight gain, not loss, and definitely no exercise. So, here I am, two weeks away, still massively overweight, and with a major life challenge ahead of mebut not just a life challenge, a change in my way of life to make regular exercise a part of my daily life. I'm fundraising for the Teenage Cancer Trust, who provide support to children suffering with Cancer and help provide them with a normal a life as possible. We all have people in our lives who have suffered with cancer and most of us know people who have died from it. Anything we can do to help must be encouraged. So, please sign up and sponsor me - Givey don't charge the charities for fundraising, unlike Just Giving, and if you gift aid it, they get more than 100% of your donation. I will also accept additional pledges for/against pictures of me squeezed into some lycra. Thanks in advance for your support and I will continue to update you all on my progress. JT


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Each day in the UK, six teenagers are diagnosed with cancer. Teenage Cancer Trust is devoted to improving the lives of young people with ...