raised of $5,000 target from 200 people

Hi there! On 22nd August this year the eight of us will be doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks with the aim of raising money for Pink Events - a leeds based Breast Cancer charity providing funding to Cancer Research UK and the Breast Care Unit at St.James’ Hospital. It’s a cause close to all our hearts with the charity being run by the family of Mitchell and James. 2019 brought a tough time for the Pink Events family. James’ Mum/Mitchell’s Aunt, Kimberley, was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, the first being in 2003. Her extremely intense treatment carried on through 2020 however we are glad to say this has been successful and Kimberley is now doing well and in recovery. The pandemic has also prevented the usual fundraising events taking place meaning Pink Events have received minimal income which restricts the charity from making the impact they’ve worked so hard to maintain over the last 15 years. In May this year the family received more devastating news. This time Mitchell’s Mum /James’ Aunt Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time after first being diagnosed in 2009. This shocking news has given us the motivation to raise awareness and give something back to a cause that really does need all the help it can get, especially in the current climate. We’re a close knit group of friends who are always there to support each other and we believe that taking on the challenge of the three peaks illustrates that perfectly, we also wanted to find a way we could all contribute collectively and do our bit to help raise money for a deserving cause. Our plea to you is to support us by donating whatever you can to help us reach our target. Every little helps and we’d love to be able to hit our target on time. Pink Events has always been extremely grateful for the generosity of its patrons and we are sure we can keep the momentum going! We’ll keep you up to date with our training and keep and eye out for updates via the Pink Events facebook page. Thanks for taking the time to read our page and please do keep us in your thoughts on the 22nd August. Mitchell, James, Jonny, Ben, Luke, Josh, Jacob & Makiel


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Pink Events raises money in order to provide and improve resources and equipment for patients and consultants, as appropriate, to improve...