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Keeping children in school and out of poverty

Zimbabwe Educational Trust (ZET) is a Leeds based charity working in partnership with 3 grass-roots organisations in Zimbabwe. Principally, we work together to provide communities and vulnerable young people the support to access education.

The Trinity project helps orphans and the most vulnerable children obtain birth certificates to access the education system, raises awareness of the rights and protection a child is entitled to, and is a leading advocate in making the birth registration process more accessible.

The Rafiki Girls centre provides educational and vocational programmes that empower young girls to become self sufficient women; they are taught essential life skills from business and financial planning to human rights and sexual health, including HIV/AIDS voluntary testing and information workshops. They also undertake a work placement, improving their employability prospects even further.

Foundations for Farming provides schools in the the most vulnerable communities with the skills and equipment to develop their own nutritional garden. This enables the schools to feed their students and the surrounding communities, and gain vital income needed to improve school resources by selling excess production. All this is achieved whilst simultaneously teaching students essential practical and vocational skills and engaging in sustainable farming methods.

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Foundations for Farming - £32.00

Could buy the agricultural tools needed for one whole school to maintain their own nutritional gardens.

Foundations for Farming - £500.00

Could provide FIVE SCHOOLS with farming produce, tools and teaching aids to launch their own nutritional gardens.

Foundations for Farming - £1,000.00

Could train 10 teachers in conservation and climate-smart agriculture.

Trinity Project - £100.00

Could fund the birth registration of 100 orphans and vulnerable children

Trinity Project - £500.00

Could fund ONE YEAR of community workshops that raise awareness of the rights and protection a child is entitled to, and how to claim them.

Trinity Project - £1,000.00

Could train FOUR volunteers how to support vulnerable children and their families, and fund their advocacy activities.

Rafiki Girls Centre - £1,000.00

Could support an entire yeargroup of girls to access HIV/AIDS education, testing and counselling

Rafiki Girls Centre - £100.00

Could fund an entire cohort of girls in undertaking their 'life skills' course.

Rafiki Girls Centre - £7.00

Could support one girl to attend an HIV/AIDS awareness workshop