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No Student Left Behind, a £5000 poverty fund

Hello, I am Kate Burns, Chairperson of the voluntary organisation Belfast Met College Trust, a charity which operates on a purely voluntary basis to help students overcome barriers to success at Belfast Met. The Trust is a small organisation that supports important initiatives which the College is not funded to deliver. In 2022 we are focusing on addressing serious barriers to learning, many of these stemming from poverty and the fallout from the Covid19 epidemic. So if you can support us, here is what we will do with the funds.

• We want to fund a breakfast service with 'food packs to go' as we know many students are going hungry because of a lack of money (we ran a really succesful pilot in 2019).

• We want to provide transport vouchers for students unable to pay their bus fare to get to college.

• We funded a pilot in mental health resilience training earlier in 2021- in how to survive and succeed in these most challenging times. Evidence indicates that we need to fund more of these as we are keenly aware of the on-going mental health issues facing young people, including suicide risk.

• We also want to support asylum seekers and refugees by contributing to fees for further and higher education courses to help them prepare for a new life as full members of our society. Many are highly qualified, but need to convert their knowledge to our system, and improve their english. They are not entitled to any support of this nature and it can't be easy living on £39.63 a week which is the maximum they are allowed.

The cost of a breakfast is around £1.50, average fees for a course are £350 and bus fares for the week average at £16 a week. So while the shopping list is long - we can do a lot with very little and every single penny goes to student supports - none goes to administration or staff costs, that is all done through voluntary effort. If funded, we will start supporting these projects in January 2022 with a plan to run them through to the end of 2022. We really need your help to continue this vital work. Please donate generously - you will be helping the next generation achieve success, contribute to a vibrant and successful future for our city and enrich the futures of many young people.


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