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Help Jacari support EAL children to reach their potential!

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on disadvantaged children who have English as an additional language is potentially devastating.

When young people are left behind with language, they can feel isolated and excluded, hitting their confidence and damaging their ability to perform at school. The Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected children with English as an additional language, leaving them socially isolated, with very limited opportunities to practise their English.

During the 2020/21 lockdowns and school closures, these children missed months of school and with minimal access to technology at home, couldn’t access online lessons. In addition, where parents also have limited English language skills, home-schooling just wasn’t possible. These children are now back at school but may be months behind their peers - never has there been a greater need for extra tutoring.

Tutoring is one of the best ways to boost disadvantaged children's learning disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our dedicated team of Jacari volunteer tutors, most of whom are students at local Universities, are supporting children to improve their language skills and build their confidence through a mixture of face-to-face and online tuition.

We are planning to provide tuition and enriching extra-curricular activities to over 200 refugee, asylum-seeking and migrant children with EAL in Oxford and Bristol this academic year but we need your help to get their learning back on track.


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Education resources pack for 1 child - £10.00

We send a pack of education resources to a child which they can use during their online lessons with their tutor.

Library Resource - £5.00

Help us keep our libraries of digital and hardcopy resources for tutors to use in their lessons well stocked.

1 Term of Tuition for 1 Child - £100.00

Just £100 covers all the costs that go into providing 1 term of free tuition for 1 Jacari pupil.

100 Volunteer Handbooks - £50.00

Volunteer Handbooks are an essential resource for our tutors and are given to them at the start of their tutoring journey.

Volunteer training session - £40.00

We run training sessions for new volunteers in teaching and safeguarding before beginning tutoring with us.

Family Extracurricular Event/Trip - £30.00

Trips/events for Jacari participants offer opportunities for further English practice & access to things families may not otherwise have.

Volunteer Enhanced DBS Check - £12.00

For safeguarding purposes, each of our volunteer tutors must successfully complete an Enhanced DBS Check before beginning tutoring with us.