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We are fundraising to build a Prison Food Education Programme and roll it out nationally. Over the next 3 years, it will result in better quality food for over a quarter of the prison population.

Help us reach our goal to make it possible.

Healthy food has the power to equip prisoners with the increased knowledge, skills and wellbeing they need to help them achieve a good quality of life on the outside, whilst improving life during their sentence. For this to be achieved, we must inspire change in prison kitchens.

Over the past 8 years, we have met catering teams up and down the country who want to increase their knowledge to produce healthier food and pass these skills onto their workforce. They want to be inspired, share good practice, develop new ideas and try a different approach. However, they currently don’t have the tools or support they need to make this happen.

This requires us to think bigger and think differently. These individuals are the key to unlocking better quality prison food. It can’t be achieved without them.

Our 4-month Prison Food Education Programme will upskill and inspire catering teams through engaging learning modules and hands-on training. It will empower them to create kitchens that are a source of pride, joy and delicious food. It will enable them to pass on the skills they’ve learnt to the prisoners who work in their kitchen. And it will provide ongoing support, connection and ideas to ensure longevity and continued learning.

Our Prison Food Education Programme has three components:

1. Digital Programme: video tutorials and digital learning modules delivered by FBB Food Educators, Chefs, Nutritionists and Thought Leaders.

2. In-Kitchen Training: practical training modules delivered in the prison kitchen and tailored to each partner.

3. Community Network: online community portal to connect with global prison food network, share best practice, access support and inspiration.

What would be the impact?

1. Catering teams are upskilled, empowered and inspired.

2. Prisoners have access to freshly-prepared and nutritious food.

3. Prisons are safer and more humane.

4. Prisoners’ mental and physical health is improved.

5. Prisoners and staff are educated in the benefits of cooking and eating well.

6. Prison leavers are less likely to reoffend, making society safer.

7. Catering teams feel connected, educated and supported.

8. Evidence is produced demonstrating the economic, social and health benefits of better food in prison.

Why do we need your help?

We are fundraising to build and pilot the programme across a 12 month period, starting later this year. In 2025, we will begin to scale the programme nationally. We need your support to reach our goal. You can help make our vision a reality and change people’s lives through food in prison.

Be part of our journey. Thank you so much for your support.

Contact us for further details or ideas about how to get involved: info@foodbehindbars.co.uk



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